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Get Free unlimited Recharge by Uminto website

Dear Readers Today we are going to show a very useful website where you get points to play quiz,write movie reviews,refer friends and many more.

Uminto is a website that rewards the skill and talent in you. There are different Brain Games, Memory Games and Quizzes, which are not only entertaining but rewarding as well. There are different levels for the games, which unlock only when you meet required criterias. Each level of games is carefully designed to test and certify your IQ for a certain level. As you cross the levels, you start receiving awards and badges for flaunting your skills and talent.

What is is a website that rewards the skill and talent in you. There are different Brain Games, Memory Games and Quizzes, which are not only entertaining and enlightening, but rewarding as well. There are different levels for the games, which unlock only when you meet required criterias. Each level of games is carefully designed to test and certify your IQ for a certain level. As you cross the levels, you start receiving awards and badges for flaunting your skills and talent.

There are different types of games:

  1. Hourly Quizzes: Play hourly quizzes against thousands of other participants and check your General Knowledge, Maths skills, English and aptitude. This is excellent for members preparing for competitive examinations like UPSC, Bank Exams, GRE and so on.
  2. Logo Games: If you are fond of identifying the logos of big corporate houses, car brands, FMCG companies, you will definitely enjoy unlocking different levels of the Logo Game.
  3. Memory Games: These games gradually help you to memorize a sequence of events better. The difficulty level starts with an easy level and as you start crossing the them, the games starts to become more challenging.
  4. Brain Games: Other than these, there are scores of brain games which activate different parts of your brain and help you exploit its full potential in real life.
  5. Steps to get free recharge of Rs.10 by referring 2 friends:

2) You will earn 9000 points for registering where 100 reward points= Rs.1.

3) In the left side bar you will notice ‘Invite My Friends’ option .Just refer your two friends and if they join you will get Rs. 5 for 1 referral. Redeem it and get recharge of Rs.10 and more easily.

4) You can also get more recharge by doing tasks like playing hourly quizzes, writing movie reviews, astrology, send free sms and many more. Many options are available but it depends on you to choose of your choice.

Note: You can redeem your activity reward points through mobile recharge once you reach 57,000 activity reward points.

why wait simply goto the website signup and begin,make sure you use your points with intelligence because ,in this site your points will increase negatively too.

Other Ways To Increase Earning: 
  1. My inbox: Complete offers and get reward. 
  2. Play quiz: Its invest and earn based quiz. You can earn by playing games. 
  3. Give movie review and earn Rs. 1.30 per review. 
  4. Send free sms and get 5 points per SMS
  5. Play Trivia Game you can earn by playing Rs. 1 daily 
  6. Play Improve your english you can earn by playing Rs. 1 daily
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Friday, 17 April 2015

How to Make Money Online on My Cash Kit

In the last week back I was write a post about earn money on and In this post I am introduce you with the How to make money only on an another site which gives you the opportunity to make money for mobile recharge and Cash Reward. In this post I am explain in detail How to make money online through mycashkit India's No. 1 Website to Earn Cash.

You will get Rs.89 Instantly when You Register !! My Cash Kit

MyCash Kit is India’s Largest Rewards Program. It is the genuine platform to get free mobile recharges, gifts and cash rewards without spending any single penny. We get 8900 points just for registering the website which is equal to 89 rs. The minimum payout is Rs. 500. You can either request it as a cheque or you can also accumulate it as a mobile recharge.

How this Works:- is India's Largest Rewards program. It is the only genuine platform to give cash rewards, free mobile recharges and many other gifts to choose from.

  1. The USP of this website is that members can get Reward Points for simply participating in different sections. There is no membership fee and you never have to spend your money to Win Rewards.
  2. It is absolutely Free to Join
  3. It is the only Rewards program in India where you can win mobile recharges, gifts or cash.
  4. You win Reward Points when you sign up, for logging in daily, playing quizzes, reviewing products, rating new movies and many more fun activities.
  5. Once you reach the minimum threshold to redeem your earned Reward Points, you can send a request for a cheque, recharge or gift.
  6. You can be a member your entire life and win Rewards for as long as you continue to participate.

Follow the below step by step procedure to get free recharge or cash:

1) Register yourself from this link Mycashkit

2) You will get Rs.89 Instantly after you Register.

3) In the left sidebar you will be offered with many categories like My Inbox, Play Quiz, Cricket Contest, Movie Reviews, Horoscope, Invite you friends.
  • My Inbox- In this you will receive emails for registering . The points for registering through them varies from 40-60 points
  • Play Quiz – 100 Points for participating in the quiz and top scorers will get 150 bonus points.
  • Cricket Contest:
  1. Guess the winning team correctly for each match and earn 200 POINTS.
  2. Earn 200 bonus points for guessing the man of the match correctly.
  3. Movie Reviews: For genuine movie rating 30 points and for genuine movie review 100 points. Your review will be verified and then approved.
  • Horoscope: Daily login and check horoscope for 20 reward points.
  • Daily Login: Login daily and get 20 reward points
  • Friends Invite: Invite your friends and get 300 reward points.
So mycashkit is full of rewards and offers. You can daily get points easily. But the only feedback of this is you should reach threshold of 50000 points which is equal to Rs.500. Then you can either recharge your mobile or request for a cheque.

Pros of Cashkit:

1) You can redeem your rewards points for Cash and cheque.

2) Joining bonus of 8900 points which is equal to Rs.89

3) Referring friends you get 300 reward points.

4) Many ways to earn like cricket contests, surveys,registering mails,horoscope,daily login,movie reviews.

Cons of Cashkit:

1) Minimum threshold to recharge of request cheque is 50000 points which is equal to Rs.500.

2) It is available for prepaid mobile operators only.

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Most Important Tips & Tricks to Earn Cash:- ensures that its members win points easily and get maximum benefit from the website, while being a part of entertaining events. Here is how you can win Points easily.

  1. 8900 Points that you Earn right after you Sign Up and become a member
  2. 20 Points that you Earn as incentive for every unique Log In once a day
  3. 20 Points that you Earn for checking your Daily Personalized horoscope
  4. 10-50 Points that you Earn for every correct answer that you give in the Quiz section
  5. 30-100 Points that you Earn for checking cash emails in your inbox, which brings to you the latest offers & Deals
  6. 20-200 Points that you Earn for playing the Cricket Contest
  7. 300 Points that you Earn when you Invite Friends and get them to join the website
  8. 500 Points that you Earn for simply updating your Profile
  9. 500-2000 Points that you Earn as prize in the Tambola section

You can earn your Reward Points through many more sections and reach the minimum threshold easily. Remember to always check your Balance and look out for approved points.

Recently Income Proof:-

Best Trick to Earn More Cash here are some Tips to increase earning :-

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How can I receive more Messages, Offers, Promotions, Coupons, Contests, Surveys and thus increase my Reward Points ?
Ans:  If you log in multiple times a day, and actively open all cash messages, the numbers of messages and offers sent to you per day would increase seeing your participation. Thus, more log ins would mean, more messages and more reward points accounted.

Question:  How Do I earn Points on ?
Ans:  You can earn reward points on through the following ways:

A. You get 20 Reward Points for Logging Into the Site Daily. These are given once a day irrespective of how many times you log in each day.
B. Daily Horoscope - You get 20 points to check your daily horoscope through
C.Advertiser Promotions - Based on your profile and interests, you get messages in your myCashKit Inbox. You get reward points to View these promotions and participate in the Offers.
D.Cricket Contests
F.Rate and Review Movies
G.Invite Your Friends to Join platform - You get 300 Reward Points for Each Friend who joins You can invite friends through "Invite Your Friends Section". They will receive an invitation link. Kindly ask your friends to check their spam/junk folder in their email incase the invitation email landed in their junk/spam folder.
They need to click on the link and then join the site so that you get the Reward Points.

Question:  How long does a cheque payment take to reach me ?
Ans:  After you have submitted a request to withdraw your reward points, your transactions and actions are reviewed by our team. Once that is cleared, a payment is sent on the 15th of every month. So making a request this month would mean that you would receive the payment after 3 weeks.

Question:  I have made a Cheque Out Request or Mobile Recharge Request. When will I get my cheque or mobile recharge ?
Ans:  We receive thousands of requests everyday. It takes 15 days from the day you make a request to receive your cheque or mobile recharge. Our customer support associates will call you to confirm your address (for cheque out requests) to ensure that the cheque is couriered to the correct address. Similarly, for mobile recharge requests, you will receive a confirmation call before the recharge is done on your mobile number.

Question:  Some of my reward points for Advertiser Promotions (Inbox Messages) are Pending. When will these get Approved ?
Ans:  If you have participated in the Advertiser offer, you will see this get approved within 2-3 days. If you have not participated in the Advertiser offer then this will not get approved. In some cases it may get approved but it is not gaurantee. Participating in Advertiser promotions is a must.

Question:  What do I need to do to get Log In Reward Points ?
Ans:  You need to login to your myCashKit Account once everyday to get Login Reward Points. These are approved immediately in your account.

Question:  What is NOT ALLOWED on ?
Ans: is a genuine and safe platform where you can view Advertiser Promotions, Participate in Contests, Take Surveys, Review and Rate Movies, Participate in Quizzes, Rate and Review Products and Check Your Daily Horoscope. We will further introduce more features and fun things which you can do on the platform and Earn Reward Points.
Following will lead to deduction of points and suspension of your account :

A. If you create two accounts with different names, email ids, phone numbers etc 
B. If you log on to with 2 accounts to earn from 2 memberships
C. If you leave wrong reviews, copy paste the reviews from somewhere (our backend team reviews each and every review posted on the site and your account will be suspended incase incorrect reviews are found)
D. If you create fake email ids, invite them and join to get points for inviting friends.

IF you have done any of the above, you will NOT receive a cheque or mobile recharge from our side. Our team continuously monitors your account.

Question:  What is the action taken if our team disapproves a Review made for Gift Redemption or Cheque out or Mobile Recharge ?
Ans:  If our team finds a part of the Reward Point earnings made by you invalid, that amount would be deducted. Similarly, a deduction would also be made if multiple registrations have been found to be made from your system. The referral amount of 300 points is only earned if genuinely members are added to the website. If after the deductions due to invalid actions, your balance is reduced to an amount less than 50,000, no payment would be issued in your name till the minimum threshold has been reached again. If after the deductions due to invalid actions, your cash balance is reduced to an amount less than Rs. 450, no payment would be issued in your name till the minimum threshold has been reached again.

Question:  What is the process of reviewing the Transactions History?
Ans:  When a request is made either for gift redemption, cash withdrawal or for mobile recharge, our team receives a review request. Everything from the transactions to the new members added through you, are validated. Fake registrations are deleted. If the points have been earned by you through invalid actions, those points would be deducted. Normally a review of a request takes about 7-10 days.

Question:  What Networks are available to allow Mobile Recharges through
Ans:  We can get you a recharge on all networks across the country.

Question:  Why are the Advertisers participating on
Ans:  Advertisers find this method highly effective. It is much cheaper than other marketing techniques. They of course, try to introduce their Offers and Discounts to the widest Member-base at the lowest cost. It is a common practice to give an incentive to viewers for viewing advertisement and promotions. For example, a mall will invite a famous celebrity like Salmaan Khan so that more people visit the mall. Here an incentive is being given to Members to come and view the promotions and advertisements. This makes myCashKit truly unique.

Question:  Why did I not receive the full amount of Rs. 500 when I withdrew from my cash balance?
Ans:  A minimal amount of Rs. 50 is deducted from the payments that are issued for clearing Postage and Handling charges. We send the payments through reputed courier companies to ensure smooth and timely deliveries.

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How to earn money on Laaptu for Free Mobile Recharge

In the last One week back I was write a post about earn money on and In this post I am introduce you with the an another site which gives you the opportunity to make money for recharge online . In this post I am explain in detail how you can earn money on laaptu for recharge your mobile . 

Earn Free Mobile Recharge with Laaptu one of the oldest free talktime providing website in India. It is one of the best free recharge earning sites available out there. In Today’s World where INTERNET has become “INEVITABLE” same goes with the search of FREE STUFF in the ONLINE WORLD. Out of Various Free Things that we can get is ” FREE RECHARGE” for mobiles etc. There are Various Sites that provide Free Recharge for their Visitors. Here We will Consider one of these sites i.e

About Laaptu
Laaptu is a gratification website with a gamification & quiz modules that adds to the fun. Our users participate in quizzes and get Free mobile recharge as reward. Why Free mobile recharge  Since 95% of mobile phone subscribers in India use prepaid mobile phones, so we thought of giving free mobile recharge to our users. To make it more interesting, we have used some gamification techniques such as guess submission, games, and rewards based on activity on the site.  We believe in giving more and more to our users. Keeping this in mind we are working towards adding some more interesting categories on Laaptu.?

Tips to fill wallet quickly

1. Login everyday to just like you login to Facebook every day. You will get Bonus for daily login.? 
2. Fill your wallet by playing Math Quiz Daily - complete all 30 questions.? 
3. Fill your wallet by playing Fun Quiz Daily - complete all 30 questions.? 
4. Invite friends to and get unlimited recharge. Share your invite link in email, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, your blog, put it as a status message on messengers and chats. You will get upto Rs 2 free recharge per friend who joins.


We have tried to answer all your questions here - Go on, read. 

Q.1 What do I do to get free mobile recharge? 
A. You have to fill your wallet by playing various games like Math Quiz, Fun Quiz and Quiz Contest or by inviting friends to join Once you have at least Rs. 10 in your wallet. You can get a Free Recharge instantly. 

Q.2 What are the other ways of earning talktime? 
A. You can earn money by the following actions: 

  1. Joining bonus Rs 2 
  2. Daily login 10 paisa daily 
  3. Math Quiz Upto 72 paise daily 
  4. Fun Quiz Upto 72 paise daily 
  5. Quiz Contest Win Upto Rs. 10 in every Quiz Contest 
  6. Inviting friends Upto Rs. 2 per friend who joins 

Q.3 How do I fill wallet by playing Math Quiz and Fun Quiz? 
A. Filling wallet from Math Quiz & Fun Quiz is simple.? 
  • There are 30 questions in each quiz.? 
  • Answer questions right, your wallet balance will increase!? 
  • Just keep answering correctly and increase your wallet balance.? 

Q.4 How can I fill wallet by inviting friends? 
A. Click on 'INVITE FRIENDS' tab to find your invite URL. Share this URL on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Google talk, Yahoo messenger etc.. You will earn uptoRs. 2 for every friend who joins from your Invite URL. 

Q.5 Can all mobiles be recharged? 
A. Yes, we support prepaid recharge for all major mobile service providers in India. 

Q.6 In how much time is the recharge done? 
A. Usually the recharge is instant. However, it may take some more time depending upon your mobile service provider. 

Q.7 Where will I see my Wallet balance? When can I redeem? 
A. To view your balance go to 'My Wallet' tab. You can redeem your balance for free recharge once your balance reaches at least Rs 10.. 

To contact’s official representatives we suggest you to mail them on It can be used for suggestions, feedback, inquiries, mobile recharges etc. related queries.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Website To Get Free Recharge

Caution: There are many fraud websites claiming to recharge your mobile for free. We've made sure that the ones listed here are genuine by testing them ourselves first.

Hi there! Looking for a way to get your prepaid mobile recharged for free? You've come to the right place :P Today, we’re going to tell you about some websites and apps that provide free recharge. These are some good options to relax your wallet a bit if you can spare a few minutes for registering on some websites, playing some quizzes, downloading some free apps,reading e-mails or heck..even sending text SMSs to your dear ones :P And of course referrals. They're always there :P

So let’s start with some websites first that offer free recharge.

We start with the oldest and the most trusted one Amulyam was started in 2009 and has been rolling on since. Amulyam has delivered more than Rs.1 crore of free mobile recharges already. Rs.10 is the minimum free recharge amount that supports for all Indian mobile operators.

Amulyam - Free Mobile Recharge

Launched in 2009, is India's first and exclusive web site for free mobile recharge. It supports free mobile recharge for both, prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers on all Indian telecom operators ( Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance, BSNL, Loop, MTS, Tata Indicom, Docomo, Aircel, Uninor, Idea, Virgin Mobile). We delivered 1 Crore of rupees as free recharges for our users. Do any of your regular activities on Amulyam and get free online recharge.

You never have to spend a single dime from your bank account or credit card to get free mobile recharge. Instead, you can earn free talk time by doing the things you regularly do online - participating in special offers, redeeming coupons, uploading funny pictures, shopping at your favorite retailers, reading personalized bonus mails, playing contests, creating content,..etc. Get Started, Register and start getting Free Recharge.

10 Simple Tips to Get Rs. 10 Free Recharge Quickly:-
  1. Login daily and get upto 25 paise credits for daily login
  2. Play Trivia Game and participate in Build Your Vocabulary to get Rs.1 every day
  3. Participate in Special Offers that gives free money credits instantly
  4. Play Contests and win up to Rs.10 free recharge
  5. Invite your friends to amulyam and when they join, get Rs.5 for each registration
  6. Looking for more than Rs.10 free recharge?
  7. Buy flight tickets or books or electronics..etc through our merchant partners
  8. Create Contests or Upload funny pics
  9. Read Bonus Mails that you receive on your amulyam registered mail id
  10. Redeem Coupons and get free recharge in addition to discount

7 Simple Tips Which I experience myself
  1. Login daily and get up to Rs.0.25 as login incentive.
  2. Don't miss your daily earning opportunity with trivia game and contests.
  3. Check for offers with instant money credits in special offers. They give you more money in less time.
  4. Create contests or upload funny pics and get paid for approved content.
  5. When you buy anything on the web, be it a book or flight ticket or electronics..etc, before you buy, check our special offers and coupons to get higher free recharge amounts and better         discounts.
  6. Invite your friends to amulyam and when they join amulyam through your invitation URL, you get Rs.1 for each registration. Inviting is just one time work but it earns money for you always.
  7. Open and click on bonus mails that you receive on your amulyam registered mail id.

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Dear Reader's Next Week We come with another excellent Post Which You Can Earn Money With Just Simple Steps